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Posted on March 15, 2016

Popples, Season 2 Launch Party

We were thrilled when we received a Save the Date email from our lovely friend, Sarah Shewey, of Happily,  as she geared up to produce another event.  We were incredibly stoked to hear her latest client was Netflix, as they were planning their Season 2 Launch party for their show, Popples. You know those brightly colored marsupial teddy bears with long tails ending in a pom-pom from the late 1980's. No? You're probably to young to remember (wink wink), but you probably have a son or daughter, niece or nephew, or even you yourself started binge watching any of their first 26 half-hour episodes of this late 1980's classic exclusively on Netflix.

The early morning of March 8th, our crew members arrived to the iconic Lombardi House, to begin installation of one-of-two tents that were added to the order just a couple of hours prior to the scheduled event date as rain was threatening to damped an otherwise sunny Southern California day. Our team was quick to react and install one of the smaller tents (was planned to be place in front of the Lombardi barn) to act as shelter in the event of sudden rain.

Our Crew Chief, Joe, with over 15 years of experience in the rental game, made the call to prepare all tent framing for the second tent, in the event of unforgiving rain, and to have the rest of his team wait an additional 30-minutes until the next scheduled weather forecast and the hopes of a miracle, to rule out further rain. His game plan proved to be right! Chance of further rain; 10%! Joe's experience, our teams patience and having their best interest for any and all of our clients, proved to pay off.

The already erected first tent came down, all other tent fittings were put away and more importantly the iconic barn's presence at Lombardi House was saved from being obstructed by any of our tents! Our team quickly installed the step-and-repeat lighting, distributed the rest of the rental items on order in record time and ell before our end-by installation time.

Browse the images below, leave us a comment, more importantly take note of some of the creative ideas used at this event to implement at your next gathering. Need suggestions, have questions, interested in our products shown? Don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help create your next event worth capturing!

Venue: Lombardi House / Scenic: Rock Steady / Food and Beverage: An Catering / Furniture: IKEA / Furniture: Yeah! Rentals / DJ: The Flashdance Photobooth: Bosco / Ice Cream: Dippin' Dots / Valet: Hollywood Parking / Brand Ambassadors: Happily / Face Painters: Papillon / Balloons: Geronimo     Rentals: La Pinata Party Rentals / Mascot Handler: Popples / S & R Photographer: Michael Williams / TV: La Sombra / Videographer: Larry Stern                MKG Photographer: Stacie McChesney


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Tips & Advice

If there is even a slight chance at rain, it is always best to have a rain contingency plan put in place that can immediately be put in action if rain threatens to dampen your event. If you are not renting from us, have a conversation with your local event rental center on what their policies are for rain plans. Be sure to ask about deposits and permits necessary, when the rain tent must be confirmed by, what their cancellation policies are, any tent accessories you may need including lighting, sidewalls, draping and any further questions you may have. If it had rained on the above featured event, and there was no rain contingency plan in motion, by the time another crew arrived with a tent to house the event, the client would have faced severe time delays, unexpected additional cost, event attendee decrease (or upset ones for not providing shelter), or possibly the cancellation of the entire event. Need help determining the correct size rain contingency tent for your event? Contact us today and speak to any of our Event Rental Specialist who are happy to schedule a site survey for you as well as help you better understanding the different tent options available and their installation process.


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