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Club Row 2016

Posted on May 02, 2016


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Every year La Piñata Party has the honor of producing the Associated Students Club Row annual event. An event where Santa Monica College student clubs join together to celebrate community service, make new friends and raise money for student clubs and activities.

This years event came along with a few challenges including a new committee, a new set of rules and guidelines, new rental equipment and a two-hour total installation time and a three-day event notice.Fortunately for the Associated Students of Santa Monica College, our team of experienced Event Rental Specialist, Crew Chief, Crew and Warehouse Managers are no strangers to these types of "last-minute" request, timed demands and just about any challenge you can throw their way.

In a span of eight hours, our in-house design team executed, presented and received approval for a new layout that would occupy the fountain quad part of the campus and the entire south-side corridor.

A team of seven crew members arrived to the Santa Monica Campus at 6am to begin installation of parallel vendor tables totaling the length of a football field, complete assembly of just over 1,500 square feet of tenting along with its corresponding sidewalls and anchors, and more importantly, our crew had to be completely finish a task that typically takes four-to-five hours to complete, in only two-hours! (In the words of Barney Stinson, "Challenge Accepted!")

The leadership and experience of our Crew Chief and his ability to remain calm and focused on the task at his hands, allowed he and his team to execute this steller performance, with time to spare! All while being beautifully captured by JVal Productions. Check out the incredible images and time lapse video on our brand new YouTube Channel! Stay tuned for more collaboration videos and pictures of upcoming events.

Venue: Santa Monica City College

Event Rentals: La Pinata Party Rentals


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6' x 30" tables

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