High-Peak Festival Tents

Offers fewer poles to install which result in faster installation times. Are constructed with a structural aluminum frame and durable 15/16oz vinyl tent top covering. Perfect for picnics, vendor booths, festivals, street fairs, social and sports events, parking lot sales, corporate events and more. Stand out from a far and add a modern flare to any event.

Optional Tent Accessories Include: Lighting, Sidewalls, Tent Heaters, Fabric Treatment, Pole Covering, Leg Drapes, Flooring,Turf or Carpet, Doors,

Also available in: Red and White Striped, Blue and White Striped, Yellow and White Stripes and Green and White Striped, at an additional cost.

Key Points:

        * No interior poles

        * Aluminum Frame

        * Available in: 10', 15', 20' squared sizes.

        * Colored flags available

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