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Create. Communicate. Collaborate.

At La Piñata Party Rentals, the light bulbs above our heads are always coming on with great ideas. (It's really annoying when we're trying to sleep, by the way), but we are innovative and dependable. Our rates are reasonable- no rip offs here, an our attention to high quality equipment makes us your best selection when it is time to celebrate your special event. And, while we would love to take all the credit for the success of our events (it's really hard not to sometimes), the reality is that the events you see are made possible by our in-house creative team partnering with top florist, event planners, photographers and videographers, beauty technicians, caterers, venue manager and other creatives. As a team, we strongly believe that we can create, communicate, collaborate (along with some critical thinking) with some of the finest vendors in town to bring you truly unique and memorable events worth capturing! Our extensive rolodex ensures your event is in the hands of trusted event professionals who care and share one common goal: To create an (your) event worth capturing and you can take all the credit. We don't mind. Just don't tell the caterer.

Additionally, we also offer:

Delivery and Pickup Services throughout Southern California, parts of Northern California and nearby States.

Event Logistics

Custom Lighting, Flooring, Signage and Furniture

CAD Design

Professional Installation and Breakdown 24/7

Generator and Power Distribution

Crown Control Solutions

On-Site Consultation

On-Site Stand-By Crew/Manager Throughout Your Event

and much, much more! Please inquire.