Coffee & Tea

Coffee & Tea—Bring classic elegance to your table top and service bar with our coffee & tea cups. These glasses will never cease to impress with their flawless appearance and traditional design. Whatever your drink of choice, we're sure you will find the style that sets your table. Browse below and contact us with any questions you may have.

irish coffee mug

Price: $1.00

coffee mug, white

Price: $1.00

coffee/tea cup, gold rim

Price: $1.15

coffee/tea cup, white

Price: $1.00


All glasses are rented by the case and priced individually.

Tea cup: 20 per case

Coffee mug: 20 per case

Irish coffee mug: 25 per case

Heirloom mug: 16 per case

heirloom mug, charcoal

Price: $1.65

heirloom mug, white

Price: $1.65

espresso saucer, 4.75"

Price: $1.00

espresso cup, 3oz

Price: $1.00