Lava Pyramid Patio Heater

We're excited to carry the Lava Heat Italia pyramid heaters in our inventory. This heater puts on an impressive 56,000 BTUs and can be used as a stationary heater year round for warmth and ambient lighting. It has the ability to adjust the flame and heat level via onboard control panel. Our Lava Heat Pyramid Heater flame is contained in a specialty designed Borosilicate shatter-resistant glass tube and is protected by the safe-to-touch power coated safety grill making this a truly elegant and safe portable heater for you and your guest.

Stands at an impressive 8' tall

Produces Over 56,000BTUs

Relax in the cozy warmth of its 360-degree distribution of heat in a 5ft radius

Last to up 12 hours (depending on heat setting) on a 20 pound propane tank