Astro TurfAstroTurf offers the perfect balance between cost and quality. Our turf is thicker and richer than most economical turf choices and provides a more uniform and wrinkle-free appearance. Sections lay out more evenly when the pile density is more robust and rigid, so they adjust more easily and appear more level when in place. AstroTurf can be used indoors and outdoors and will not shrink when wet. Pricing does not include delivery, installation and/or materials.

CarpetRed carpet shouldn’t be reserved for A-list celebrities on awards night. Hollywood themed event, formal event or just want to make a bold entrance for your guest or VIP’s? Our Red Carpet Runner is the solution. Choose from any of our widths and lengths we have to offer or call us to create a custom design and layout.  Want to further stand out? Pair it with our Chrome Stanchion with red velvet ropes. Whatever the occasion our affordable Red Carpet Runner will add value to your event appearance and interest of hospitality.

Additional colors and sizes available upon request


show turf, green

ultima turf, green

red carpet runner, 3'x15'

red carpet runner, 3'x25'

red carpet runner, 3'x50'

red carpet runner, 3'x100'

carpet, blue

carpet, black

carpet, charcoal

Additional colors and sizes available upon request

Price: $60.00

Price: $90.00

Price: $170.00

Price: $300.00

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

artificial grass

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

show turf, black

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

show turf, brown

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

show turf, tan

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

show turf, white

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

show turf, red

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

show turf, marine blue

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.

carpet, white

Price: $Call/Sq.Ft.


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Flooring Division

Our flooring division will make it possible to transform any space to bring your event's vision to life.

Together, our high-quality products and services combined with our floorings division of over 50 years of experience creates new and unique design capabilities.

With over 100,000 square feet of flooring solutions the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Your event... custom made just for you!


ground too soft or sloped?

we can level that!

pool covers

water below and in need of extra space?

we can change that!

plank flooring

don't like dirt, asphalt or carpeted surfaces?

let's cover that!

yard leveling & platforms

need some height?

we can lift you up -

it's strong enough to drive a car onto!*

flooring expansions

ran out of room?

let's add more!

camera towers & viewing platforms

need some height?

we can lift you up!

access ramps & accessibility solutions

not sure how to access the site?

let us guide you!

flooring finishes

let's make it look pretty!